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What is Site Backup?

An essential part of the website security is the safety of the regular backups and no backing up your computer doesn't do the job. A website backup is the copy of your entire site i.e, files, folders and databases stored in secured location.

Let's face. If stuff happens, especially online. If you have misplaced some corrupted files or experienced a site crash, a backup is a life saver. The shortest way to protect all your files and databases and be able to retrieve that at any time is by backing up every single day. You can do your own backups manually which means moving your files from hosting server to your local computer using File Transfer Protocol or FTP. Well it's not extremely difficult, it takes time and you have to remember the process to do it. If you are rolling your eyes and muttering... Yeah, right then automatic backup service is a great option like label hosting's hosting and site backup.

With site backup you just need to login once and it is ready to do all the work. It automatically backs up the site and keeps the 30 day window of your backup including all the changes you made to your whole site. Your backups are stored in the cloud protected by strong encryption. If something goes wrong the one click automatic restore is all you need to make things right again. Whether you go the DIY route or the hassle-free automatic backups, a daily website backup is the assurance against disaster.

Don't keep your website vulnerable... start backing up today!

Site Backups provides:

  • Automatic daily backups for your websites and databases
  • Automatic integration with your Label hosting (minimal-to-no setup required)
  • Restoring can be done for entire website or few files alone
  • Facility to store last 30 backups
  • Special Backups on demand